I need to share a little Christmas Miracle with you guys….

So, I’m the mother of two wonderful little boys, Brian Jr and Patrick. Brian Jr has level 3 Autism with global developmental delay and childhood disintegration disorder, he’s 2. My husband and I have done everything in our power to make our boys’ life enjoyable and amazing. We even have them enrolled in multiple programs to help with development and general skills. This Christmas we were facing not being able to get them anything for Christmas due to the bills we have to pay in order to keep them warm and safe. This was breaking our hearts but, we knew that they needed water and lights more than they needed presents. Well, their head start teacher caught wind of this and asked me to fill out this form of things that we wanted/needed for Christmas. I was grateful of the gesture and put down things like socks, coats, maybe a movie or hot wheel for the boys. I honestly wasn’t expecting much.. Maybe a couple gifts for the boys maybe. The next week she came over with another woman. I was pretty confused at first, not gonna lie. They started to take presents out of her trunk and bring them inside. I didn’t really understand what was going on. They made a total of three trips, in and out, bringing more and more presents with them. At this point I was just standing there in shock. It turns out that the lady that came with their teacher was a co worker of hers. This lady’s parents apparently wanted to help out someone for Christmas “a little bit”. She handed me a Christmas card saying there was gift cards in it. I opened the card and there were two gift cards for $150 a piece! In addition to the 20+ presents they got us!! I started bawling my eyes out, then she started crying and soon their teacher had joined in. We were just hugging and crying. I told her that she really didn’t realize how much her and her parents had helped us this Christmas. We didn’t even have any food. With the gift cards we were able to get all the food we needed and my husband was able to put gas in his car to keep getting to work! This family literally bought Christmas for us.At a time when I literally thought I was going to end up failing my babies on Christmas, when my husband and I were at our wits’ end trying to stay a float, when we were out of food and gas they decided to take it upon themselves to make this year one of the best Christmas’ we’ve ever had. I just needed to share this little tid bit of Christmas cheer!!! HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND BE GOOD TO EACH OTHER!!!!

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